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Memory Mastery - Whatsapp based workshop

After Successfully Completing the Second Batch of Memory Mastery Launching Third Batch of Memory Mastery for parents and their children


This course is for Whom:


*Student age 7+ Year

*Anyone Who want to Improve their Memory


Certified Workshop on Memory Mastery - Level 1


Student Memory is always challenging for most of the parents, So learning new skills of "Memory Techniques" in current days is very important.


Master the art of Memory Techniques through this powerful - Beginner level workshop


Below are day wise details of this workshop (15 Days workshop)


Day 1-2

- How our Mind Learns.

- Remember Multiple Words (More than 35 words in one go).


Day 3 -4

- Remember Critical Chemistry/Other Words Smoothly.

- Remember Books and Authors with Very Fantastic Tricks.


Day 5-6

- Remember Uses of any Elements (E.g. Vitamin B etc) .

- How to remember Long Spelling in Simple and Short Technique.


Day 7-8

- Remember Maps with Awesome Technique.

- Remember History Date / Birth Date / Anniversary Dates for Lifetime.


Day 9-10

- How to Memorize Diagrams.

- Easily Memorize Critical Chemistry Formulas.


Day 11-12

- Remember Telephone Number of Passwords with Smart Technique.

- Remember Any Shopping Lists or To-Do Lists in Seconds.


Day 13-14

- How to Become Google Boy/Girl by Memorizing Entire Dictionary.

- How to Remember Long Digit Static Numbers (More than 100 Numbers, Pi value.).


Day 15

- How to Remember Long Digit Dynamic Numbers (More than 100 Numbers.)


Bonus: Free 100 Personal Development E-Books.


Certificate of completion to be awarded


Start Date - 23rd Nov 2018 - Friday.

Venue - Whatsapp & Online access to the full course.


Medium - Video/Pdf

To Join WhatsApp Group click below.



Course Fees: Rs. 5000 /-

Special Discount for First 25 Registration: Rs. 999 /- 

( Use Coupon code:  Memory50 )

Payment Method :  (Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking / Wallets)

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  Kshitij Yelkar
Memory / NLP Trainer/Life Coach

   Contact us :- 

9821588624 , 9821588609

What clients say about my Workshop


Mrs Shirsat


As a teacher, I know some of the techniques, But my child was not able to concentrate in the study, As a Carpenter only create well furniture so Coach Like Kshitij Sir showed us a path to my child memory and habit improvement, How to implement these Memory and NLP techniques on my child that was very important.

I am really satisfied with all this NLP and Memory Technique and same I will implement with my child and help him to grow in his study and further career.


Mr. Sameer Kadam


All NLP and Memory techniques were beautiful.

He could remove the fear issue of our student as well all negative thinking and bad habits in a couple of minutes.

He taught a lot of Memory techniques which will be really helpful for our 7th to 10th standard Students.

My All Students Enjoyed this session.

In our Education system, this sort of Memory and NLP Techniques should be part of their studies.

Thanks, Kshitij Sir for this 2 Days workshop.

mrs. jagtap.png

Mrs Jagtap


How children should do a study with interest and also How parent should support a child for his study that I learned in this workshop.

Student way of Study is changed now after this workshop and they can study with Interest and fun. Their fear has removed now.

How to create bonding between teacher and children that has taught in this workshop and my child's confidence is increasing with confidence techniques.

Also with parenting tips how a parent should handle their child better way that i learned in this workshop, Thanks Kshitij Sir for this life-changing workshop.

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