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My Story is I am from IT background, I worked as IT Project Manager around 15 years and one day I got chance to conduct two days Agile Training (Project management Training)  and that training given me kick for my life and said that “Kshitij, You are born for Training Industry."

Then I upgraded myself, I did Train the Trainer course and then I left My Current Job and decided to move into public Training and as a start, I have select NLP and Memory Training as my subject for people and children Transformation. Whenever I am on stage I like to transform people, I don’t feel that I am working, Because I enjoyed the stage and I like to transform people, I share my life experience and NLP technique to transform their lives.

Also, I have learned a lot of Memory Techniques and with this, I need to transform all student study and personal problems and make the study as fun and exciting learning process for them.

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Life Coach / NLP Trainer

KSHITIJ YELKAR is a Life Coach in India. Having an experience of more than fifteen years in IT and Training. He has developed a number of customized NLP modules; like NLP workshops for Wellness, Students, Couples, Corporate Excellence, Sales, Team Building, Leadership, Weight Management etc

Kshitij Yelkar has addressed thousands of people wherein he provides 'live' solutions to people for their challenges during his workshops and through personalized counselling. People get a unique experience when they resolve their emotional issues on the spot through Kshitij Yelkar's simple and very effective NLP Subconscious Reprinting techniques. Today, you can watch life-changing videos of Kshitij Yelkar on the YouTube. Click Here



Here at Yelkar Consultants, our focus and goal are to Help every individual to resolve their Life issue and help them achieve success in their life journey by providing Training and Life Coaching.

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