Master Your Mind
( Transform your Life with NLP )
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Dear Friends,
Would you like to see a drastic positive change in your personal and professional life?
Welcome to Yelkar Consultants! - the most comprehensive 2-Days Workshop for professional/ businessman who wants to Remove their bad past, Awesome present and Bright future and create solid change in their personal and Professional life!
After training over 1000+ Professionals over the last 5 years, we have developed this program to raise the bar in ensuring you get results!
Here, you will not only be able to learn the key concepts but will also have the opportunity to put together "NLP Concepts" over a span of just 2 Days!
  • Past painful experience that weakens your confidence, motivation and productivity
  • Anxiety, Fears, Depression, Anger, Failures, Physical Diseases, Relationship Issues and Uncertain Future
  • Unable to achieve success in Personal, Business and Professional life.
  • Negative and limited Beliefs system
  • Inner conflicts that kill potential and positive life energy
  • The negative or limited mindset or for Money/Wealth
This 2-Days Session is designed specifically for Professionals to overcome all these challenges and more, through our proven NLP Techniques.
This will be a no-fluff, no-nonsense, straight to the point and a practically implementable, hands-on workshop for your Life Mastery!
Here's what you will learn...

Session 1:

  • Introduction of NLP and its relevance in creating Excellence in Personal and Professional Life and Relationship

  • NLP Techniques for Emotional and Mental Excellence like; Handling past painful memories/traumas, anxiety, depression, fears, anger etc

  • NLP Skills for Confidence Building and other Positive Emotional states

  • NLP Techniques for exploring your Relationship, resolving relationship issues and creating long-lasting relationship

Session 2:

  • NLP Techniques for Achieving Personal, Career, Business and Professional Outcomes

  • NLP Techniques for Solving confusions and Creating Personal Alignment for unlimited Motivation and Positive Attitude

  • NLP Techniques for Effective & Result-Oriented Business & Professional Meetings

Day : 1

Session 1:

  • NLP Techniques for Developing Mind-Blueprints for Money/Wealth Attraction

  • NLP Techniques for Developing Mind-Blueprints for unlimited Positive Beliefs

  • NLP Techniques for creating feelings of Trust and Friendship in the other people in 90 seconds 

  • NLP Techniques for resolving inner conflicts that kills potential and positive life energy

Session 2:

  • NLP-Timeline Techniques for resolving issues that stops you from achieving your goals

  • NLP-Timeline Techniques for building positive, attractive and worth-achieving Future

  • NLP techniques for creating positive TRIGGERS/ANCHORS for unlimited success in each area of life

  • Certification Ceremony

Day : 2


What Others Think About Our Trainings

Why Attend This 2 Days Workshop ?

  • Introduction of NLP Subconscious Re-Imprinting’

  • Understanding Conscious and Unconscious Minds and their working

  • Building new beliefs: Subconscious Auto Suggestions

  • Why you have not achieved that you wanted/How to achieve what you want

  • Exploring your hidden creativity for your Success & Happiness in Life.

  • Winning people’s trust and confidence in just 90 seconds

  • Finding past issues and getting free from past painful memories

  • Enhancing your body’s stress handling capacity & creating positive life energy

  • Taking your relationships to the next level

  • Getting yourself protected from the ‘unwanted’

  • Resolving your Internal Conflicts and enjoy ‘wholeness’

  • Building your divine future: Build your future full of Confidence, Creativity, Health and Success

  • Enhancing your personal and professional Productivity.

  • Healing your life’s Time-Line (Past, Present & Future): Complete Inner Transformation

  • Engaging your mind to boost your Immune power and heal your physical disease

  • Practitioner’s Certification.

About The Speaker

IT Project Manager Turned Life Trainer / Coach

KSHITIJ YELKAR is a NLP Subconscious Reprinting Coach in India. Having an experience of more than fifteen years in IT and Training. He has developed number of customized NLP modules; like NLP workshops for Wellness, Students, Couples, Corporate Excellence, Sales, Team Building, Leadership, Weight Management etc

 Kshitij Yelkar has addressed thousands of people wherein he provides 'live' solutions to people for their challenges during his workshops and through personalized counselling. People get a unique experience when they resolve their emotional issues on the spot through Kshitij Yelkar's simple and very effective NLP Subconscious Reprinting techniques. Today, you can watch life-changing videos of Kshitij Yelkar on the YouTube. Click Here

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