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Fear, Phobia, Anger, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Past Painful Memories, Disinterest from studies/ work or life-partner, Past Failures, Addiction and Obsessive Compulsive Behavior

We provide personal counseling to erase above patterns.

Meditation by the Sea
Heal your Diseases.


Medical science has already proved that most of the diseases in our body are Psycho-somatic (‘Psycho’ refers that the disease has its origin in the mind, and ‘Soma’ refers that the disease is experienced in the body) It means that your mind may have some deep issues like of past trauma that is causing the disease in your body. With ‘NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting’ workshop or Personal Counseling, you can erase that trauma off your mind and also plant the imprints of health and thus engage your mind to heal your disease faster.

We can help
  • ​Entrepreneurs increase their effectiveness and business outcomes
  • Students have more confidence and interest in their studies
  • Professionals enjoy better productivity by getting more aligned with their Identity, Values, Belief, Capability and Behavior.
  • Creative people like fashion designers, architects, script-writers, art-developers to explore their next level of creativity.
  • Sports persons eliminate the references of their past failure and bad performance; and enjoy their best ‘form’ in their performance
  • Couples have quality togetherness and enjoy their relationship
  • People eliminate the phobic experience of immunity that causes allergy like the allergy of dust, pollen grains, cat or any food article
  • People eliminate the deep patterns of various diseases body obesity, pain, migraine, asthma, cancer, acidity, sinus etc


(Secrecy of your identity is maintained ethically)


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