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Memory Mastery and Student NLP Workshop
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Dear Parent,
Would you like to see 10x increase memory of your child?
Welcome to Yelkar Consultants! - the most comprehensive 2-Days Classroom Workshop for Student and parents who want to develop their memory and make solid change in their Exam result and Professional career!
After training over 1000+ Professionals/Student over the last 5 years, we have developed this program to raise the bar in ensuring you get results!
Here, you will not only be able to learn the key concepts but will also have the opportunity to put together your "Memory and NLP Concepts" over a span of just 2 Days!
  • No Concentration and Less retention of Study
  • At the time of exam student become blank sometime
  • Fear or phobia of any subject or exam
  • Personal issue or problem of past painful memories of any event or failure
  • Low confidence for any subject, exam, interview or public speaking
  • Broken Self-Image
  • Unable to memorise Long Digit Number
  • Not sure about how to remember Long Spelling
  • Unable to memorize a Long Map
  • Forget all remembered History Dates
  • Unable to remember Chemistry Words / Formulas
  • Don’t know how to memorize Long Paragraph
  • Unable to remember Dictionary Words and many more issue.
This 2-Days Session is designed specifically for Student & Parents to overcome all these challenges and more,through our proven Memory and NLP Techniques.
This will be a no-fluff, no-nonsense, straight to the point and a practically implementable, hands-on workshop for your Memory Mastery!
Here's what you will learn...

(A) Memory Retention Exercises

This part will include various memory techniques to memorize a number of things in one go.

This would help students memorize in one-go various types and complexity of the contents like; ​

  • Vocabulary

  • General Knowledge

  • Chemical Equations

  • Formulas

  • Long Maps

  • Spellings

  • Long Digit Number

  • Long Paragraphs etc.

(B) NLP Subconscious Reprinting Exercises

In this part, you will make students would undergo a number of NLP Subconscious Reprinting exercises. These exercises will include;

  • Getting rid of past painful memories of any event or failure

  • Eliminating mind patterns of any type of fear or phobia of any subject or exam

  • Building subconscious patterns of confidence for any subject, exam, interview or public speaking

  • Building a bright future full of wonderful goals

  • Solving the problem of 'dyslexia' and learning disability

  • Creating good behaviour

  • Building stronger self-image

Workshop Schedule - May 2018

                               Day - 1                                     

  • NLP-Conscious & Subconscious Mind

  • Event and State - How do we Perceive

  • How our Mind Learn

  • Remember Multiple Words in one sequence

  • How Anchoring works

  • Remember- Chemistry Difficult Words

  • How to Create Happiness and Confidence Anchor

  • Remember Long 100 Digit Number

  • How to increase General knowledge

  • Rapport Building

  • How to improve Self Image

  • Remember Chemistry Formulas

Day - 2

  • Developing Senses of Child

  • Change Negative Internal Voice

  • How to remember Long Spelling

  • Remembering Long Maps

  • Remembering History Dates

  • Creating Interest in Study

  • Remember Books and Authors

  • How to remember Long Paragraph

  • Remember Vocabulary

  • Daily Affirmation for Students

  • Building Brighter Future with Visualisation

  • How to remove Fear/ Phobia

  • Remembering Uses of any Chemical Elements


What Others Think About Our Trainings

Why Attend This 2-Days Workshop?

Female Student
1.Your child will learn all Memory Techniques which will improve Child's Memory will By 10X
2.Your child will learn How to get Confidence in a Minute in any Situation.
3.Your child will learn all NLP Technique which will help to create New Self Belief and Identity.
4.100% Money Back Guarantee, If you don't like the course on 1st Day itself.
5.You can Re-attend this Classroom workshop anywhere in Mumbai by just paying Nominal fees.
6.Free One to One Coaching Session (Follow-up Session) with Kshitij After 2 Weeks of workshop completion.

About The Speaker

IT Project Manager Turned Life Trainer / Coach

KSHITIJ YELKAR is a NLP Subconscious Reprinting Coach in India. Having an experience of more than fifteen years in IT and Training. He has developed number of customized NLP modules; like NLP workshops for Wellness, Students, Couples, Corporate Excellence, Sales, Team Building, Leadership, Weight Management etc

 Kshitij Yelkar has addressed thousands of people wherein he provides 'live' solutions to people for their challenges during his workshops and through personalized counselling. People get a unique experience when they resolve their emotional issues on the spot through Kshitij Yelkar's simple and very effective NLP Subconscious Reprinting techniques. Today, you can watch life-changing videos of Kshitij Yelkar on the YouTube. Click Here



March 2019 BATCH

Rs. 7,000 /-

2-Days Of Top Notch Training

Downloadable Study Guides Provided

Access To Workshop Recordings

one to one coaching

Access To WhatsApp & Facebook Groups

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