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Growth-Driven Productivity & Motivation Strategy for Business

For your organization, you can invite Kshitij Yelkar to conduct the following in-house programs based on NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting

1. Sales training
        (Duration: Two days)

Topics covered:
* How to design your outcome and engage your subconscious mind.

* How to set rapport with your client.
* How to understand your client’s thinking pattern.
* How to create inner neurological alignment for consistent sales motivation.
* How to hit the ‘inner motivational buttons’ of your clients
* How to handle objections of your clients
After this workshop, you will enjoy better confidence, motivation and positive attitude to achieve your sales outcomes. You will enjoy better relationship with your clients and understand them well. You will be able to engage the power of your subconscious for your success.

2. Communication Mastery
                           (Duration: Two Days)

NLP provides the ultimate verbal and non-verbal communication mastery to the people who wish to excel in the corporate world. Once you gain this mastery over communication, you will be able to lead your people well.
Topic covered:

PTS: Preferred Thinking Pattern of people

* Rapport: How to set rapport with people verbally and non-verbally

* Meta-Model: How to find out what goes on in the mind of people when they speak, object, mismatch or question.

* Meta-Program: How to find out the convincing pattern of any person and motivate them to fall in your line.

You will enjoy the power of precision in your communication and have the power to convince people in the shortest possible time with a higher level of trust and rapport.

3. Productivity Enhancement and Peak Performance Techniques
                          (Duration: Two days)

Topics Covered:

How to set your business outcomes and get associated with it subconsciously

* How to create the triggers of enhanced productivity through ‘Anchoring

* How to create inner alignment among your Environment, Behavior, Capability, Belief, Values, Identity and Purpose

* How to understand your team member well

* How to set rapport with your team members

* How to communicate with your team members

* How to get rid of your references of past failures

* How to enhance your stress handling capacity for better work

After this workshop, you will be able to enjoy peak in your performance, have a better relationship with your colleagues and will enjoy better mental and emotional well being.


4. Motivational Talk
         (Duration: Two and a half hrs)

If you wish to motivate your team or associated with a motivational talk, you can invite Kshitij Yelkar. You will be able to come out of your limiting beliefs and get rid of your past references of failures. Also, you will be able to create new empowering references to life and achievement.
You will be able to inspire your people to resolve some of their emotional blockages and move forward to achieve their best in the shortest period.

5. Short-Term NLP programs

                             (Two to four days)

We can prepare and conduct customized NLP programs for the people of your organization. Once you let us know your requirement, we shall chalk out the required topics and training sessions to meet your demand.

6. Stress Busting Program
                        (Duration: One Day)

Give yourself and your people a session of deep relaxation with NLP commands and ‘Live Sound Healing Frequencies’.
In one day workshop, you will experience how to

Heal your past painful memories

* Transform your Inner Self Image

* Build the subconscious imprints of powerful and healthy future

* Enhance stress handling capacity

* Boost your Immune system to keep your body healthy

* Release more of wellness chemical (i.e. Endorphins) in your body and enjoy perfect wellness.

6. Agile Scrum Workshop
                        (Duration:  Two Days)

In this 2 Days experiential workshop, Participant will learn scrum by doing Scrum. The participant will become familiar with the principles and practices of the scrum and will build skills needed to be a member of a high performing, continuously improving self-organizing scrum team. Below points will demonstrate in this workshop.

  • The power of self-organization

  • Estimation and story sizing techniques

  • Sprint planning

  • Release planning

  • Using retrospectives to continuously improve

  • How to conduct brief and effective stand-ups

  • How to maximize business value delivered

  • Roles and responsibilities on a scrum team

  • Scrum master and product owner roles

  • The product backlog: user stories, prioritization, and backlog grooming

  • Creating and applying a 'definition of done'

  • Working with agile requirements, specifications, and documentation

  • Agile metrics and tracking tools such as task boards and burn charts

By the end of the workshop, attendees will have experienced the key roles, responsibilities, interactions, tools, and processes of the scrum. The workshop itself is delivered as a series of sprints, naturally reinforcing the scrum concepts being taught.



Mrs. Shirsat

 As a teacher i know the some of the techniques, But my child was not able to concentrate in the study, As a Carpenter only create well furniture so Coach Like Kshitij Sir showed us a path to my child memory and habit improvement, How to implement these Memory and NLP techniques on my child that was very important. I am really satisfied with all this NLP and Memory Technique and same I will implement with my child and help him to grow in his study and further career.

Mr. Sameer Kadam

Thanks for organizing this workshop, All NLP and Memory techniques were beautiful He could remove the fear issue of our student as well all negative thinking and bad habits in a couple of minutes. He taught a lot of Memory techniques which will be really helpful for our 7th to 10th standard Students. My All Students Enjoyed this session. Thanks, Kshitij Sir for this 2 Days workshop.

Mrs. Jagtap

How children should do a study with interest and also How parent should support a child for his study that I learned in this workshop. Student way of Study is changed now after this workshop and they can study with Interest and fun. Their fear has removed now. How to create bonding between teacher and children that has taught in this workshop and my child's confidence is increasing with confidence techniques. Thanks Kshitij Sir for this life-changing workshop.


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