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Mr. Vishwanath Shetty

-Sr. VP - Yes Bank

I heard it quite a few numbers of Training in the corporate world in my state as a senior VP, Yes Bank and now as a Leader business development in a Start-up and this workshop “Mega Living” is totally different to compare with all those previous experiences.


There are two to three points that I would like to highlight, there is a lot of Genuineness in the content creation and the delivery of this program, There are concepts like TEA which is made so interesting with Thoughts, Emotions and Attitude. There is a very VAK concept on NLP which is on Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.


Kshitij and Milind will transform you with their ability to connect and create an impact in your lives, it’s a wonderful program to attend, I would request each one of you to have a one-day experience and I am sure you will love to keep connecting with them.

Thanks a Lot, Milind and Kshitij for this wonderful workshop.




 - Content Writer          

I am Pooja and I work as a Content writer for Sports App and I got to know about this workshop from Milind sir and he was just behind me to attend this workshop and I was kind of not able to manage time and suddenly then one day I thought of giving one day of my life to this and it was Worth giving.


I have learned a lot of techniques basically Law of Attraction, I have been hearing this everywhere and since past 3 years never implemented but today I did and my experience was Amazing.


NLP this was the first time that I came across and Kshitij has been done Amazing job , All the Visualization techniques he taught us in the workshop was amazing and I am surely going to put it into implementation in my life and I'm going to share my experience in the near future and I'm very positive about my future thank you very much thank you people for getting us here and giving us the time of the life.


Tejas Thakur

- Training Head – Kotak Mahindra

In this MegaLiving workshop Milind talk about the law of attraction (LOA) and I think everything around us what we do and whenever we achieve things It is a law of attraction so, I feel that these guys have actually made it Very practical for a lot of people to understand it and implement it in their day to day life. So there were multiple examples stated by Milind, obviously with this kind of experience and he put all those years of experience into his 4 hours of the session. So that itself makes it amazing.


Kshitij also talked about NLP. NLP you must have gone through or probably at least heard about it but the way Kshitij took it was completely different,  The visual path which he created was fantastic, I would personally urge all people who are in the corporate world. Also, more importantly, people who are working as an entrepreneur in the BFSI sector to make it the point that wherever these people are conducting this program and if are available in that region please come down and attend this program. Especially entrepreneurs this gone to be a game-changer for you.


It will, there are a lot of roadblocks which we do not understand in life but this but the way these people handled them and the way these people have shown the way forward.

I think a lot of obstacles will get cleared and you will go miles in your entrepreneurs’ career!  That's it from my side!

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